About GoLogica Technologies

In GoLogica Technologies, We’ve made it our business to make the most of the intricacies in yours. To help you become more nimble, no matter the size of your business. Because when you let us help embrace the complex – the rest becomes simple. Life gets easier. Let’s get started.

GoLogica delivers the clearness that powers and protects global markets. We develop software and solutions that furnish a single source of truth across the organization. We have already brought many years of content important another with the world’s about cultivated companies – like energy to finance – to offer expertise to every engagement.

GoLogica is based on the idea that technological innovation and client service go hand in hand. Through deep involvement with client and software solutions, GoLogica has continually been able to refine and adapt solutions quickly as business evolves. Today, GoLogica works with over more than 100+ clients, ultimately serving over 1,000 end users across the world.

Working from our bespoke GoLogica, the GoLogica team offer plan of action developed digital campaigns. We have already worked with some of Bangalore’s leading brands to make objective-driven digital method that hit the market and individual.

GoLogica has been at the heart of digital for almost 15 years. Our team of designers, developers and digital strategists offer a complete solution to any digital campaign. Magnificent plan of action is at the heart of each and every digital project to guarantee our cutting edge design and development brings measurable results every time.


Our dedicated team of talented digital designers, developers, project managers and digital plan of action have been chosen supported on their extended experience and expertise. With a diverse skills set and years of experience across a range of industries, our team are excited to come to work each day to create new digital solutions and solve complex problems.


The environment of digital media is perpetually dynamic and whatever complexity today may not work tomorrow. We believe that websites and marketing campaigns should be beautiful, user intuitive and empowering, and we strive to ensure we’re at the forefront of the latest technology and digital trends.


We want you to win, because if you’re winning: we’re winning. We’ll ask you about your objectives, your needs and where you want to be, because the more we know about you and your business objectives, the easier it is for us to take you there.

With a collection of online tools at our administration, we can find the best digital instruction to meet your content and objectives. From increasing your social profile in the market and growing increasing engagement to make leads and encouraging the traffic, our team can find the right result for your business needs.

The right online plan of action will encourage the meaningful engagement with your clients, resulting in an enhancing to your bottom line. At GoLogica Technologies, we ensure your online presence both looks great and converts.


More than enough to bring successful campaigns for our reputed brands – small sufficient to impact growth for emerging business. We have been building and implementing online digital solutions. Over the time of planning, we have formed the planning process of each and every project. The bringing of substantive communication with our clients is at the heart of planning each project.

With few of the world’s leading software companies, GoLogica Technologies have taken certification with Microsoft with certified gold status and SAP Software Solutions with strategic alliances for technology, services and product development worldwide.

Founded in Bangalore with base, GoLogica Technologies provides Web Design, Web Development, digital marketing and Content Production services to companies in Bangalore and also across the world, being a key player in the success of their digital projects.

We were born as the best alternative to all App development to ensure continuity. We have keep on upgrading in the digital media domain and have also enlarged to other industries where our inventive, technical and editorial capabilities have found a natural fit. We would love to be part of your success story!

We develop cutting edge graphic and web design from our base in GoLogica. Our in-house talent, as well as the group of professionals we work with, makes us a very solid multi-disciplinary team.

The client is our best ally so we give each project a unique personality by getting emotionally involved with it. Exceeding our client’s expectations is the only result we accept.

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Web development


Web / App development

Oracle solutions

GoLogica is an organization specializing in software development services and engineering. We provide cost effective services in development and long term support for ongoing efforts while maintaining distinguished standards of quality and increased time to market results.

Our staff in the company are formed entirely of senior level developers from different backgrounds covering vast field of expertness.

Our goal is to provide an superior alternative to overseas outsourcing.

Our Motto

Our “facts meet feelings” philosophy is by where analytics meets design elegance.

Our Heart

To deliver confidence for business owners and marketing managers and to assist them in making the most accurate decisions.

Our Dream

To take over the world one website at a time with highly creative and custom creations.

Our Muscles

Digital Strategy, Web Development, Web Design, Digital Automation, Analytics Analysis, Custom Integrations and Digital Transformations

From many years we have developed winning solutions for clients all over Bangalore as well as India and have been asked “What is the best way to run my buisness processes?”

We specialize in not only answering the question asked by the customers or clients but building a unique solution that fits to your exact business moulding. To truly understand the heart of the client and the business, its requirements, systems, competition and challenges involved in the specific industry.

We utilize every single drop of our resources from beginning until its delivery because to deliver a customized solution for the best ROI, within budget and on time. Utilizing all the stages like Custom Integrations, Web Design, Digital Automation, Web Development and Digital Transformation techniques. We love to find new and creative ways to deliver your systems.

We are absolutely dedicated to serving the needs of businesses both big and small.

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