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Now-a-days Android has become so popular that the fastest growing mobile platforms with more than 70% users using android phones across the globe. According to the recent surveys performed revealed that android leads across the global market with more than 80% android users in the world, while apple’s iOS is stands at second place. Google backed the Android, and is perpetually updating and introducing the mobile OS to increase user engagement and smoothing of mobile operations. Because of its skilled, more user friendly and open source platform, it has become the one of the most preferred choice for app developers.

GoLogica Technologies is one of the best android application development company offering scalable android apps with spontaneous designs. Our developers perform deep research and follow intelligent methodologies by implementing best practices in android app development. Our well known app developers have deeper knowledge and stronger expertness in ASDK (Android Software Development Kit) APIs, ANDK (Android Native Development Kit), and emulator.

Mobile App development companies who understand that every business is unique and we are top Mobile App Developers in Bangalore, development of leading experiences for mobile is much more complex and intensive than many businesses anticipate. Our many years of good experience building mobile result for leading brands will justify risk, reduce time to market and ensure you go to market with a winning strategy.

Now mobile becoming the captious channel for business relevancy and growth. Our team of mobile app developers understand the essential ingredients for development of a winning mobile application, even when challenged with seamless integration into complex business environments and legacy systems. With a vast portfolio of product and experience, GoLogica Technologies is developing mobile app development projects ranging from bespoke mobile applications to end-to-end strategy and execution for some of the most complex solutions in the market today. Irrespective of your location in Bangalore or anywhere else around the world, our team of mobile app developers can deliver on your requirements.

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In Bangalore, it is estimated that there are more Android devices in use compared to iOS devices. Therefore if you have an app idea, you should consider deploying that as an Android app as well.GoLogica Technologies specializes in Android App development. With our experienced team, we can work with you from the initial app idea to the final delivery to the Android app marketplaces.

work with you from the initial app idea to the final delivery to the Android app marketplaces.Though we are a Bangalore based Android app development company, regardless of your location, we’re able to make the required arrangements to ensure it’s a smooth process for you.The Android developers in our team can build apps for Android phones, tablets.

How GoLogica Making Android App Development Simple

At GoLogica, we are making Android apps development as simple as it can be. We already know that businesses and entrepreneurs frequently compares multiple mobile app developers before hiring someone to do their work. The comparison procedure often includes price shopping, work instance review and ‘pros and cons’ lists. Our main content is to be the app development company with all pros and no cons.

Here are a few of the benefit that we offer we think should be standard at any company offering Android app development services:
Technical Expertise:

When you hire an mobile app developer, you want self-assurance that they know what they are doing. Unfortunately, not all developers having the same level of expertise in building apps or software, and even some talented developers also don’t keep up with the latest technology trends. At GoLogica Technologies, we have a firm hold of what is being formulated these days and how.

Graphical Skills:

You can also build a irksome looking app that is functional and have it accomplish its every goal. The main difficulty is that many people won’t download or use something which is ugly. We also focus on the graphical aspects of Android application development without sacrificing UI (user interface) or UX (user experience). The result is that our apps are as beautifully engaging as they are functional.

Transparent Pricing:

When you hire us for Android app development, we doesn’t hide the price and then change our minds later. Contrary, every project we take on is hardbacked by a fixed price contract, with no variations in the price. So we can say, you will know exactly how much you will pay for our services at the beginning development on your app.


You need to update and repeat your app over time to keep up with the latest design trends and Android updates. At GoLogica Technologies, we follow a highly scalable and secure development methodology that makes it easy to make sure your application keeps evolving and improving with the times.

Ongoing Support:

We don’t just build your app and then disappear. Instead, we provide ongoing maintenance and support services for your project. You won’t have to worry about your app having a glitch that you can’t fix because we’ll always be there to fix it for you.


Android applications bloom out from great thought and we are into the process of turning those thought into a front running app. GoLogica Technologies is becoming leaders in Android app development space which is giving perfect apps to businesses, big brands and organizations in Bangalore and other countries worldwide. We doesn’t work not only to get your app released graciously in the app stores, but also we see up to that it make enough downloads and monetary returns. We work in complete cooperation with our various clients to comprehend their real purpose of an app and develop custom mobile solutions using a range of latest technologies to make the most attractive and spontaneous apps.

If you have an app idea, We will provide you a free price estimate and we’ll also complete a feasibility assessment to ensure the project is within the technical limits.Do you want to enjoy the Android mobile application development perks discussed above? If so, then GoLogica Technologies is the right developer for you. To learn more about our services, or to get a price quote for your app project and contact us today!.