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GoLogica Technologies, is one of the fastest growing, privately held, providing contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placements that is powered by innovation and driven by integrity. We provides IT staffing and Payroll Solutions. The profound practice, proved expertness and perceptive market intelligence has secured long-term partnerships with clients seeking world-class professional resources.

GoLogica Technologies offers the most innovative, efficient, and cost-effective Business solutions. GoLogica will take advantage of its mature, quality processes to render a variety of regular and tailored solutions and programs to help clients optimize and increase time to market of their business requirements, hence, accelerate project progress.

We offer world class business consulting for our clients and partner a wide range of services and solutions to meet all you’re staffing and project based consulting needs, including:

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Temporary Staffing

A staff augmentation solution that provides flexibility in your seasonal and project-based hiring. It includes screening,skills assessment, recruiting, and modification of candidates, job matching and trailing of qualified candidates, retentiveness and candidate development, and performance-based quality assurance programs.

Temporary To Hire

A feasible alternative to instantly hiring, it can also helping to prevent costly hiring mistake, the complete choice for clients who want to measure a candidate’s performance before committing to hiring .

Full Time Employment

We also offer full time placement services at all levels of candidates. GoLogica has clients ranging from Fortune 500 to mid-cap companies in banking and financial services, communications, health care and technology.

Your One Stop Shop For All Things Business Our main mission is to help start up, mid scale market companies, and enterprise level companies to build, represent and grow their businesses through our full composition of business services. We also provide each client with the strategical presentation required to grow their business, while also relation with them every step of the way to implement each strategy.

Business Planning Plan need to be created to increase the capital, produce a road-map, and articulate your vision.

Business Lending

Get pre-qualified for a business plan to grow your business, secured lowest rates and best loan terms. Build your business on solid foundations.

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We believe in construction of long-term relationships with each of our clients. The business consultants of GoLogica can help you to plan of action for the establish or growth of your business and build sustainable operational strategies to maximize your profitability in preparation for a multi-million dollar exit.

Think of Us As Your Partners

Entrepreneurs and business owners are provided by our team of consultants with one-on-one consulting and strategical announcement to establish or grow their businesses. We initially start by putting in collaboration an actionable strategical plan to create an internal road-map for success. As we planned to establish the business, we also product with you to create and utilize a successful marketing and branding strategy to attract and retain your customer base. Once we have developed the operational structure of your business, we can then help you on an ongoing business to gain income, better customer possession, and alter processes to ensure profitableness and long-term success.

Is Your Business on Track to Achieve Its Performance Goals?

GoLogica’s business consultants team and marketing consultants have assisted thousands of start-ups and active businesses to determine and implement solutions to their most critical challenges. A selection of our assistance offerings include:

Strategical business plan development

We also help for operational operation improvement and turn-around business consulting Growth and profitability consulting

We also create marketing ,Branding services and sales confirmative creation Web development and online marketing solutions

Plan Your Business

A distinct business plan is very crucial to the happening of your business organization. We cooperate with you to believe your vision and counsel you on the most optimum business model, operational plan, marketing channels, and contraction strategies to launch or grow your business.

Fund Your Business

We have relationships with the top business lenders in the industry. Our proprietary technology allows you to get pre-qualified in minutes instead of hours.

Launch Your Business

To identify your business content and the particular development initiatives needed to achieve success, we help you. From integrated your business and development a business plan to raising capital and creating an online presence. we've got you covered.

Grow Your Business

We assess the health of your business and provide recommendations for growth. From starting an Business consulting campaign and enhancing market share to maximizing skillfulness of your operations and improving profitability. We can get your company back on track.

GoLogica is a skilled company, and staffed with vision and mission and moral values bringing you revolutionary, budget-conscious, progressive solutions. Our main aim is to bridge the gap between small businesses and blooming technology, giving your business the flexibleness to develop and change user-friendly systems allowing you to maintain the professional appearance demanded by today’s consumers.


To meet in person, or via phone, chat, or else video conference, fax, email, we are available at any time. We are available at your convenience days, evenings, weekends.


Technologies change and thing go out of style. We perpetually dedicate informant to the latest tools, software & continuing education.

Real Solutions

Flexibility will be kept up in our recent business plan of action so that they create real results that are measurable and easy to access via your customized portal.

Why Our Clients Need Us

No time for marketing?

Can’t maintain or make social media effective?

Dated or no website?

Staff & sales training, human resources?

We will implement strategies to improve the artifact and improvement of your brand, increasing both recognition and profitability by analyzing the entireness of your company, We offer a range of innovative solutions to allow your business to meet the demands of the ever-changing world we live in and our staff individually tailors our services to meet your every need. We pride ourselves in maintaining long-term relationships to grow with your company as well as provide continued offerings of the latest technology to keep your business successful in the ongoing future.