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GoLogica Technologies is a best consulting company in Business and Technology services . The website provides an overview of career opportunities for professionals interested in working in any MNC Companies.

Career opportunities through our consulting provides jobs in internships, IT companies in the technological industry, as well as job openings for professionals that want to work as a consultant outside the consulting industry.Gologica Technologies in addition presents company profiles of renowned consulting firms, provides an overview of events and offers jobs in various sectors of companies.

We helps clients realize their ambitions. We have a endowment at acquiring to the bosom of an issue quickly and working with clients to make a real difference. We add genuine value to clients who:

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  • Quality, cost and delivery issues are experiencing with challenges
  • Want to introduce a world-leading business and quality strategy
  • Need to develop the capabilities of their teams

GoLogica Technologies can help your organization achieve the highest levels of performance. Drawing on many years of pioneering in Consulting with technology and also coupled with practical hands-on experience working with some of Bangalore’s most successful organizations, we know how to turn knowledge into results.

GoLogica Technologies in Bangalore work in strategical relationship with guiding business schools across the world to render a strict, yet practical and highly adjustable approach that engraft real change within organizations through the application of both leading edge and established knowledge and skills.

Our work is motivated by the optimum outcome for your organization.

We are independent and offer tailored solutions rather than pure off-the-peg methods. We share a opinion and general conceptualization but look at each and every client’s situation as a singular, unique challenge, measuring our success against the positive benefit we provide to you.

Our clients exhibit clear, tactile welfare from working with us. Our systems, methods, and pattern deliver bottom-line benefits year on year, long after our involvement is completed.Our quality policy

We are committed to Consulting Excellence

Gologica is a Career Consultancy for Contractors and Interim’s in the IT, Accountancy and Finance and general Interim market based in Bangalore.

We Coach, mentor and train candidate contractors to become the best developing their consultancy skills so that they are the preferred choice of clients performing well at interview and in their work contract of choice.This enables them to earn higher rates and gain a greater choice of contracts quickly. Our career advice also prevents contractors becoming out of date with a legacy skill set. We provide a range of associated support services to the contract market.

Through our sister company, we provide compliance support services and contract candidates either through their Limited company or through PAYE payroll (umbrella) services depending on whether their contract is inside or outside. We act as a professional coach, trainer and marketing agent for professional Limited Company contractors using our consultancy industry expertise to maximise their rates similar to an Actor or footballers agent as well as providing free resourcing to agents through the effective marketing of these contractors.

As GoLogica Technologies, we provides career coaching and training services to individuals and companies both large and small for an agreed fee structure.

These services are provided in the Bangalore for people with the right skills and experience and the legal right to work in the India. This includes those who have recently arrived in the India or who are new to IT Contracting or temporary / Interim work and those who are resident in the India and wish to Career Transition into contracting. We help you develop your contracting career to the next level through our Career Development services.

Agencies benefit from having Quality “5 star” contractors pre-interviewed, referenced, tested and trained for contracting who are PAYE Consultants or alternatively Directors of their own Limited Company.- Making GoLogica Technologies an attractive choice!

“Would you benefit from your skills & CV marketing and advertising to the right people?”“Realize your full potential double your income as a Bangalore’s earning market rates” At building careers, we are experts and teams across the world for clients ranging from global household names, to innovative disruptor start-ups.

Much of our history has been in the IT, business and consulting space, where we've constantly develop to meet the changing pace of change. A move we have successfully embraced. In fact, it’s been so booming we've formed a devoted Technological division to recruit professionals at all levels. Also, we have added an IT contribution to activity end-to-end India to meet client demand.

What we can do for you?

We are organized around IT niches, an HR division, and an Engineering offering. Our services include permanent and contract recruitment across the developed world, managed locally through our offices and partnerships. Within our contract offering, we offer a range of value-add services for both employers and contractors.

We include market info, bench marking of talent, salary and comp surveys, and employer-brand research and consultancy services to our partner clients,.

Why we are different

As an knowledgeable manager or candidate, you can know the caliber of the recruitment you receive will depend on the consultancy’s network and advice. These component, accordingly, campaign the choice and grade of our candidate and client relationships - a kind of virtuous cycle.

At GoLogica, a spectrum of reinforcing factors have combined to make us superior in the opportunities we can offer and the advice we give.

We are keenly passion about growing client’s business, and do this through with our own highly knowledgeable and confident consultants who have fantastic business insightfulness. You will be befitted from commitment, and passion together with:

Our depth and breadth of business experience across a wide range of sectors.

For growth, we have extended cognition base, design, case studies and blueprints.

sales, marketing, tenders, finance, operations, procurement, HR and Board development are experience and leading-edge thinking in these areas.

Our total commitment to the highest quality service – which will make a real difference to the growth, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

Independent, objective and expert services delivered by highly qualified and personable Business Consultants.