Educational institutions need to support the website to attract students, teachers, lecturers, supporters, parents, donors and build the power of their brands.

Our work allows education institutions to place and distinguish their brand online, while helping to better communications with contemporary students, alumni,parents, donors and supporters. Many education institutions lack proper websites and the ability to track results from their marketing efforts. We help educational organizations change their data and analytics capableness and make improved decisions on how to act their user base. We use marketing high technology to track user activity, lead activity and build better partitioning models--making communications more relevant to students, alumni, donors and advocates.

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After Websites done, these are all the things we need to consider
  • Inbound marketing
  • Analytics
  • Mobile apps
  • Donor and alumni marketing
  • Digital strategy

GoLogica Technologies is a full-service design, development and marketing company that partners with clients to achieve business goals using multi-channel and Inbound marketing. We provide data-driven selling solutions plan of action designed to change your existing customers, attract new ones and optimize for success.

We act as the “special operations” of businesses—helping them integrate marketing, technology and design to achieve business goals. We fill in the talent gaps and become the strategy and execution engine to help companies grow, compete and succeed.

Education web design

Education website design agency

GoLogica Technologies is a website design and development company that builds solutions for the education industry including schools, non-profits, charters and universities. We build educational website’s content management systems and database-driven websites and apps to quality of learning and marketing of schools and also other education organizations.

Websites for schools includes so many things. They are
  • Online learning and classrooms
  • Education organizations
  • Associations & member groups
  • we make sure our solutions are relevant to your Institute.

Our process starts with you. We want to get to know you, your school and everything you stand for. After deciding to work with us we’ll find out everything we can to make your project a resounding success. Website design is where we began, hence our name, but as our studio has grown, so has the list of services we offer. Alongside our web designers and developers, our team is made up of print designers, Flash animators, SEO specialists, copywriters and more, all well-versed in tailoring their skills to the education sector.

Educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities can use a striking and effective website in numerous different ways. Worth websites will magnetize more applications from new students, and these sites also converse information to existing students, parents, and even donors.

Newer online education models do away with stayed elements like physical classrooms and common textbooks, offering scaled-back, innovative media in their stead — and much sleeker web design to that end.

Because these sites obtain benefit of their narrower scope and lighter weight, they often exceed their physical institution peers on the navigability and visual fronts. A sign of great things to come!

We help you evolve a mighty online existence for your learning investment.

The good designed website for your educational institution, college, be it a school, university or online training, serves a collection of purposes. Websites developed by us can provide the accurate information to potential students and parents, communicate in effect with the student community, reach out to the general public and sponsors with regular updates and act as a mouthpiece for the organization to the outer world. Now-a-days everything is replaced with tablets, desktops, and apps replacing blackboards, traditional teaching methods have undergone a current change. It is so crucial and critical to have a website that is ingenious, informational and technologically fantastic to any other site in the business.

Why GoLogica Technologies for your educational web design?

At GoLogica Technologies we have over many years of expertise in developing custom, creative websites to customers across the world. Our fantabulous perceptive of the particular of necessity of schools, colleges and universities united with our expertness in scalable digital solutions, development strong, make us the right choice to develop your educational website.

Web & Mobile Application for Education

In a world where technology changes more frequently than the weather, you need solutions that are future proof and easily upgradable. Our experience in construction of web based applications can help professional improve their teaching methods, management of administrators their institutions more expeditiously and students more accoutered with the right educational tools. Remote learning solutions.

With the growth of internet and smart phones, education learning has genuinely reached ones fingertips. From online tutoring portals to distance learning, white-boarding, multimediasolutions including audio and video tutoring, online presentations and remote tests, we can develop a variety of interactive online tools and learning solutions through desktops or mobile apps.

Rule the search engines

Getting good ranking across search engine of their websites is the dream of every business owner, though only a few people make it to the top of search engines for particular keywords. Though there’s no magic potion to rule the search engines, by developing a well-planned website with the right structure, keyword rich content and all the SEOelements in place, your website can increase important ranking and visibility on search.

On the web and search engine, presenting your school or educational institution in online requires a perfect mixture of free-thinking creativeness and traditionalist professionalism. Working with instruction web-marketing specialized workers, you will make a greater result on the many people who will learn about you first through the Internet.p>

GoLogica Technologies creates original websites for schools and educational resource providers that are content. Our design ensures that you reach and inform those who will benefit most from your contribution to their skills and intelligence. Contact GoLogica Technologies to add greater focus and appeal to your educational programs and resources through the web.

Educational institutions could get by on reputation, direct mail, and printed directories alone on once upon a time. Now, students only not to mention their families and counsel - turn to the web to find information on schools.