Customer experience is defined by the full range of a customer's interactions with the business. With the rapid growth of iPhone ownership & mobile internet traffic, businesses have a new opportunity to engage their customers where they spend their time - on IPhone mobile devices.


The iPhone is a revolutionary tool for solving people's common problems & therefore a rich opportunity for entrepreneurship.We created an iPhone App that lets people outsource everyday chores and errands to reliable runners.Customer experience is defined by the full range of a customer's interactions with the business. With the rapid growth of iPhone ownership & mobile internet traffic, businesses have a new opportunity to engage their customers where they spend their time - on IPhone mobile devices.


We can build your business idea, we can design a clean, very effective user experience & creation of the iPhone App your customers need. Wherever you are in the creative process, we can help.

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With more industries adopting the mobile innovation, GoLogica technologies has positioned themselves as becoming the leaders in the iOS app development space. We have a burning desire to turn ideas into a striking reality with fine-tuned and rewarding applications for iPhones and iPad. Our team of eminent mobile app developers together help build winning iOS apps for businesses, brands or startups to life with best-in-class technologies and cost-efficient methodologies.


Consult, design and develop winning Apps for iPhone and iPad. We provide the opportunity to businesses to stand apart from other millions of iOS apps with our proven approach.

  • Consultation and Product strategy
  • Concept Designing and Wire-framing
  • Agile Development Process
  • App Store Deployment
  • Maintenance & Support
World-Class IOS Applications

Our principal is to provide customer-centric solutions that are loved by all. We boast on being Bangalore’s one of the ethical, innovative and reliable iOS app development companies

Unconventional Solutions

Our expert team of app developers are passionate about blending creativity and innovation using advanced tools to deliver out-of-the-box apps that will cater to all your needs.

Extensive Development Services

Get end-to-end services, from conceptualization to execution with the help of our dexterous team. We provide maintenance and consistent support to let your app stay on top with updates.

Revenue-Driven Apps

With our cutting-edge apps solutions, many companies have pioneered groundbreaking businesses, got new revenue streams and developed great relationships with customer

Our development process is a hybrid between Waterfall Methodology and Agile Methodology.Consequently, Agile has caused problems for both the customer, who uses the app and the app developer because there is a lack of structure and boundaries, on both parts

On the other hand, Waterfall is too inflexible without any malleability for creativity.

Our Method combines the flexibility of Agile with the fast development timelines, allowing you to get to market quickly with the best possible product.

IOS Application Development in today’s world is a crucial role of business growth. And especially Bangalore has become the preferred destination for worldwide clients to avail mobile app development services. Being a leading IOS app development company, we at GoLogica Technologies, have developed extended expertise in developing Native Mobile Apps for various segments. We also develops cost effective and result oriented Hybrid Mobile Apps and Cross-Platform Mobile Apps for various start-ups and entrepreneurs which can be run on multiple devices or platforms.

Our developing IOS app development company is client sided and revenue making.We have skillful and top experts who are adept in developing custom and tailor-made mobile solutions for iOS development. Since inception, our team is expert in developing unique, critical, data-centric and revenue generating apps by leveraging ground-breaking and latest technologies to help our clients in staying ahead of competition.

Being one of the IOS app development companies, we are experts in addressing our clients' requirement. We are proficient in successfully compel latest tools and technologies, which in turn, help us in developing performance-centric and revenue making mobile solutions.

GoLogica is emerging as one of the top IOS app development companies in Bangalore. We have a team of top mobile app developers, which specializes in developing mobile apps for various platforms like iPhone and Android. We at GoLogica have developed our expertise in providing end-to-end mobility solutions to diverse business verticals. Our passionate and dedicated team of app developers and testers develop robust mobile apps by overcoming challenges.

We can tailor a solution to fit your business needs.
You Have an Idea.
What’s Next?

All applications start with a basic idea. But there is a process to convert that idea to an app. We will complete the app so we can offer the experience you need - to make your idea come to life.

We not only release the app to the App Store. We also wants to see it successfully by generating more downloads and revenue.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is the one of the most common questions we get. The answer for this is, ‘it depends’. Generally the more complex the app is, the more time it will take to build and release the app. We’ve found practices to deliver projects extremely cost-effectively – without compromising quality.

Another OS that is spreading like wild fire into this era of mobile. It is the only competitor of the android OS that is challenging it from tip to toe. We have team of dedicated personal who are passionate about creating something in abyss. They just need a requirements coming from the client and they start working on it with all their focus.

The apps are best way to get close to your customer and increase the number of engagement with them. Mobile apps plays a vital role in making you business more successful. These are one of the best way to make effect on your customer.

We are one of the leading iPhone mobile app development team. Our iPhone App Development team makes highly engaging and performing application with crafty solutions.

We comes with solutions like:
  • iPhone App Consulting
  • iPhone Compatible UX/ UI
  • Extension and Widgets for iPhone
  • Adaptive and Responsive App
  • Custom and Optimized App
App Integration

The solutions we are serving you here with are customizable and flexible. That comes with a supportive that will be with you during whole project consulting you with the application. This app should check all quality tests that we use as mark of professionalism.

We can help you to get the same benefits. For a FREE consultation, contact us now.

Our Way of Doing It

Understanding a project or app is necessary before making any step. So at first we read all the requirements and consult with client to clear any doubt regarding app. After fully understanding the app, our designing team gets active in preparing creative and innovative UI and UX prototype of app. As this comes in play developer team take over from here and start integrating their code with design. As this integration is done successfully testing team start testing for every perspective. Until we make sure that there is no error left we keep the development cycle on.

Reasons to Go with Our Solutions

We do all the development step by step. Nothing is important to us than the quality and standard of the product. Our analytic team makes careful analysis of the app with their deep knowledge.