The manufacturing company design’s brilliance doesn't always shine through on their websites, Manufacturing companies are known for innovation

Far too many try to cram too much information "above the fold" and adhere to other outdated design principles. Engineers,investors, prospective employees, suppliers, are trying to be everything to everyone—rather than mapping out a logical path. Others features as more of a folder than an mutual, responsive site.

So what sort the best manufacturing websites stands good for?

We looked at dozens of sites and found the best ones all shared these features:

Clean, simple design

Large, striking imagery

A strong hero message

Simple navigation

Clear calls-to-action and a path to conversion

Opportunities to learn more

Based on these factors, here are manufacturing websites that caught our attention.Great websites like these don't happen by accident. Manufacturing websites require investigation to better understand your acquire, their needs and how they make decisions. They need to be cautiously directed out by a group of designers that not only support the elements of great design, but knows how to make a consistent user experience. They should use the latest technology so they appear sophisticated and polished, and they should be built in such a way that it's easy to capture visitors' information.

When all these ingredients come with group , your manufacturing website will become less of a boring brochure and more like a party. It will serve as a well-grouped resource library, a beginning of production and a wellspring for a regular flow of quality leads.

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Even though many manufacturing marketing and website design companies may have the knowledge to produce results, one key difference sets GoLogica Technologies apart:

We have a passion for helping your company get new business and that’s not just talk, we demonstrate it with every conversation, and we back our talk up with results.

We have a step by step plan for creating a website that will impress your customers and produce RFQs, and we follow that plan, all while creating a site that’s visually unique and branded to your company.

what can you evaluate from an impressive manufacturing website?

Here are a few things we know about how manufacturers benefit from the web:

We know that whether you are an OEM, or fall somewhere along the supply chain, there arepotential customers using search engines to look for what you offer.

We know that a the right way developed website and web existence contain your only chance toat beginning to reach these customers.

We know that an improperly done website and web existence will not reach expectedcustomers, whereas, when done right, these possession invariably produce new businesses.what are the next steps in engaging GoLogica Technologies for your new website?GoLogica Technologies works with manufacturers around the country, so whether you are in Bangalore we know how to make the process easy and efficient.

We then schedule a short conversation where we get to know your company a little better and you can get to know ours. For customers out of the focus, we set up a screen-sharing session in which we can show you how we conceptualization website design for industry, and show you outcome we are developing for other customers. After we produce a quote for your website design and you choose to work with us, we then gather the information we need to develop your website. Here is the general approach:


Developing a content wireframe

Creating a plan for the site design


Create a graphic design mockup for the homepage and inner pages

Hold a feedback conversation on the design

Implement feedback and revisions


Content writers from our company create study text for the pages of your website based on introduction and secondary research of competitors and keywordsPresent the content to youImplement feedback and revisions


Developers turn the design into a functioning website, on a content management system that allows for easy access and editing by the end users.

Creation of Google Analytics account and other tools to track present-day and future marketing efforts

Hold a final review session, and launch the live site

We walk you through a road map to happening in online lead generation for manufacturers throughout our conversations and after the website is launched, . While each website or manufacturing company we work with is unique, the procedure for determination your customers online is tested, tried, and works for every company we engage. Your website is an integral part of your online marketing efforts, but it is not the only part.

A manufacturing website probably isn’t the first thing that springs into your mind, when you think of awesome website designs that are convenient, compelling, and usable when GoLogica technologies is there .

It wasn’t that prolonged days when having a wonderful manufacturing website was looked on as at best – and a waste of time at worst. Many major manufacturers focused on their outbound marketing and annual industry events to do their customer prospecting.

With the accomplishment of smaller organization and more international competition, nevertheless, the world of commercial enterprise is changing fast. It has never been more essential for today’s commercial enterprise to maintain solid customer human relationship end-to-end the lengthy, complex B2B buying cycle.

That initial starts with a superior manufacturing website – and many brands are heeding the call.

A good manufacturing website should have the features like:

A clean design that works well on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices;

A straightforward conversion funnel with simple direction and hard-hitting CTAs;

Possibility to learn more, including suitable forms and lead magnets.

Finding all these elements would have been a good order in the manufacturing world. It was simple idea that most potential customized appreciated their options well, knew exactly what they wanted, and would present themselves when the time was right.

That perception has changed radically ... and the result is some exciting designs.