Delivering a full range of analytical and reporting capabilitiesOracle Business Intelligence Suite EE (OBIEE) provides the full range of Business Intelligence capabilities including interactive dashboards, ad hoc inquiries, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting and real-time predictive intelligence. Basically,the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE platform is based on a state of Web Service-Oriented Architecture that change seamed integration and easy user access for diverse data sources.GoLogica offers Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE work starting from dynamic data warehouse and application design, to ETL development, to report/dashboard design and development.

GoLogica Service Offerings
  • Data warehouse design
  • Application design
  • ETL development
  • Dashboard design and development
  • Upgrades and conversions

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Enhance your OBIEE Reporting

GoLogica have made very important investments into the OBIEE solution, with the main aim of all their analytics and reporting to be done within the tool. Additionally,its basically a big challenge to get real-time reports and data from OBIEE.

With Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE Connect, users have permissions to real time reporting across all major EBS modules from within their existing OBIEE application. Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE Connect supply more than 1,000 reports already built reports and views, all mechanically organized to your custom fields, DFFs, KFFs, EITs, and SITs. Geting the interact data from the tool that has pre -built been invested in - Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE

Auto-Configured OBIEE content:
  • Real-Time reporting from Oracle EBS
  • True ad-hoc reporting
  • 650+ Financial, Supply Chain, Projects, Manufacturing, and CRM Reports
  • 450+ Human Capital Management Reports

Experts in utilize, upgrading, and integration organization systems with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite EE Enterprise data has never been more approachable with Oracle's business intelligence suite of software platforms. GoLogica can custom build a data warehouse with your specifications in mind, with integrated ETL services such as Oracle Data Integrator and Informatica. Provide GoLogica with the contending edge of Oracle BI with custom-made interactive dashboards and reporting.

If your governance is using or is thinking to use a Oracle's Business Intelligence solutions, you have highly custom-made software that can change the way you do business. GoLogica is an Oracle Partner exceptional in helping organization like yours succeed your high-ROI technical and business goals on-time, on-budget, and with the high quality deliverables that you and your organization depend on.

Providing an various data on onshore or offshore model for BI implementations,integrations, or upgrades GoLogica has the flexibleness to produce finer quality, low cost solutions.

GoLogica values accountability, professionalism, and teamwork. Our main intention to distinguish ourselves from other IT development and staffing company by supply our customers with a second-to-none experience that gain us their faithfulness, trustfulness, and partnership.

What sets GoLogica apart?
Steep Capabilities

we also provide end-to-end improvement statement to meet your needs. Differently, another companies who only provide for engaging on an hourly basis, we also offer consulting and systems design experts to that can help you identify the optimum strategies for implementing business and technology solutions.

GoLogica's Sustained Competency Staffing Model

Alternatively, we also provide customized end-to-end answer that also include consulting, project management, designing, planning and implementing technology-based projects in almost any shape or size to support your business and technology objectives. We have the capableness to supply any combination of on-site, offsite or offshore delivery models so you can implement to your budget and keep whatever level of control over the project that works best for you.

Technology Focus from the Top-Down

We are more than specified recruiters who lighter happenings our principals work hands-on utilize projects and providing technology solutions for our clients. When meeting your staffing or development requirements, we understand your challenges and have the first-hand knowledge and insight to address them.

In addition to critical systems, software development and project management expertise, our management team has many years of sales and marketing experience working at senior levels for large companies. They bring new ideas and a fresh perspective to everything from problem-solving to pursuing new business opportunities.

Access to Premier Resources

We use a branded database management software program for our chance and customer service activities. Through with our different connection, industry structure and project work, we enjoy an extended worldwide base of contacts. Our repute and relation with executives permit us admittance to these companies and also individuals that may not be obtainable to competitive professional services firms.

We find out the relevancy of possible candidates through our own screening process. This includes our own examination and reappraisal of the individual as well as personal knowledge based on previous successful subcontractor experience with us. To match direct skills and content,we can use our own Software Programming Proficiency Levels rating and reviewing system and we conduct various background checks to determine their suitability for work.

GoLogica Technologies' core values such as flexibleness, detail, generosity, duty, and communication, helps us to learn and grow from each other like a family.

We have a diverse group of professionals who are helping drive GoLogicas' growth. Here at GoLogica, we have created an environment that is challenging yet creative by putting our innovation in our employee's hands. Our employees are authorized to make determination individually or together, leading to 100% customer satisfaction.

With an open door leadership policy, our employees are inspired and motivated to acquire new skills for personal growth. GoLogica has successfully created a culture where employees enjoy coming to work every day.

Bringing Intelligence to Every Business User

Analytics is no longer the rarified realm of data scientists. Today, all the business users want the quality to immediately discover important insights to rapidly take informed and data-driven action.

GoLogica makes every business user data fluent. Through a limited technology, GoLogica's data analytics software analyses every each individual to easily discover significant business insights and no PhD required.

GoLogica Isn't About Being Different.
It's About Being Better.

Sure, GoLogica build data analytics tool on the market to offer a single-stack solution. And, yes, our In-Chip analytics provides the fastest analytical processing power on the planet. But our goal was never to be different, just better. Better for customers, better for users better for business.