Public sector

GoLogica Technologies have experience of designing and development a range of good public sector websites:

Local government web design / local authority web design (city council, county council, unitary authorities, Karnataka councils)

Sites for local education authorities and school websites

Websites for executive units within Government departments

Departments within the NHS (National Health Service)

More and more, people are turning to the Internet as their first port of call when they are looking for a information and GoLogica Technologies help you verifies that your website fulfills all the ever growing requirements of a public sector web site.

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Government Public Sector Web Design Constraints

You may be operating under some of the following constraints:

  • Limited budget- any spending has to be justified.
  • No dedicated web management team- your staff have real jobs and operating the website is frequently just one more task.
  • Additionally no previously prepared promotional materials and we can help you produce the text and contents for your website.
  • Restrictions on your time- you and your staff don't have abundant time for learning complex new skills.

In particular we are on top of issues such as accessibility, value for money, the drive for the adoption of Open Source in Government and the move away from closed source commercial software with its high annual licensing costs

With a professional GoLogica's web site from you can:

  • Manage your own data on the site, - reflect the latest news and services of your organisation.
  • Capture information - use on-line surveys, newsletter sign-ups or analyse visitor traffic.
  • Contact - Make it easier for people to contact you.For example, on-line forms, forums and structured e-mails can help.
  • Fulfillment - instant access to downloadable samples, info sheets, white papers
  • Enhance your image - a well-designed Web site instils confidence and can create a positive image of your organisation.
  • Media relations - an on-line press kit can make it easy for journalists to research or report on you.

We can help no matter what you need from your web site design project. We can help whether you are looking for a small town council web design project or a large scale county council web design project or something even larger with hundreds or even thousands of pages.

GoLogica Technologies do one other thing in designing that other public sector web designers don't. We 100% GUARANTEE results! If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with our service, just call us and we'll give you a complete refund.

Newedge has successfully launched websites and digital marketing campaigns for local council and public sector organisations across the Bangalore.

Value, Quality, Transparency and Accountability

We understand that finding a web agency to put your trust in is hard work. A council website require an agency to take a different approach and understanding that the project is not always to sell more or generate revenue. It’s more complex than that, public sector websites have diverse audiences that demand usability, speed and clarity while being subject to intense scrutiny and often negativity from stakeholders.

Newedge breathe life into council, government and public sector websites by understanding the bigger picture of bringing social behaviour change, deliver community resource and increase awareness of key services.

Communication ensures project deliverability

You’re burdened by red tape, stifled by stakeholders and under pressure with budget cuts – you’ve got enough on your plate already. We are here to support you through pre-qualification stages, selection and project delivery.

We know communication is critical to project success and your dedicated project manager will ensure meetings run to schedule, are on point and actionable. Continual communication will be in place throughout the project life cycle, with pre-defined workflows and time schedules to ensure we deliver on time and on budget.

Complete service offering

We provide a comprehensive professional service offering to the Public Sector. Our aim is to help you define, create, manage and continually improve your services through the use of digital. Our services include: Web strategy, Information architecture, Usability, Design, Front-end development, Content Management System, Development, Testing, Accessibility, Hosting, Support Level Agreements and Maintenance.

We love open data

Open data means transparency, and that can only be a good thing. We fully support all open data standards, while making every effort to ensure any data systems we produce comply with current open data standards. This reduces cost and duplication of systems in the future.