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GoLogica Technologies has been serving small business firms from years. Headquartered in Bangalore, we work closely with our clients to understand their business and apply best practices to implement, support and manage their technology.

As a Technology consulting Partner, we strive to provide you the best technology infrastructure services available. We will take certain time to act present and qualified on the trending newest technologies in an effort to give you expert engineering and support.

Our technology methodological analysis is to interpret your business, how technology activity supports your business needs, and support and inflict best practices to maintain optimal performance. End to end, we can help you get the most out of your IT investments through a comprehensive analysis of your current environment.

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We help you increase your technology that gives you solution more quickly; productivity gains; procedure and process improvements;and bottom line results. With GoLogica Technologies, you get a technology advisor who will help you select, implement, manage, maintain and optimize technologies that make sense in your organization and that provide measurable business results.

GoLogica Technologies puts your focus back on your business with our:

Small Business Specialist in recognition of our ability to deliver industry-proven solutions and services Gold Certified Microsoft Partner status-designates our expertise with Microsoft technologies Skilled technology experts-experienced engineers who view themselves as an extension of your business

Help is only a phone call away & 24 X 7 help and support

GoLogica Technologies services are focused on providing the business tools that small businesses need to compete, providing affordable technology designs based on business requirements. Our technology solutions cut costs and put your company in a position to prosper.

GoLogica Technologies provides unparalleled services in information technology to support small and mid-sized business. Our services provides the full range of IT conclusion, from top level strategy, to managed services and outer infrastructure support, to web development and application support, to IT operations on-premise. Our Technology approach is specific - we will listen to your inevitably first, and then suggest and compel the best set of solutions, on budget and on time.

We are more than just a managed services like Technology Consulting and Web Development Provider. Our Sr. Technical Staff are available for strategic IT planning, specific project deployments, IT management, and much more, to ensure that IT initiatives will run smoothly and in a timely manner.

The importance of having an experienced technical consultant involved when planning any infrastructure changes ensures that all the technical pieces involved will work seamlessly.Even if your company is planning to move premises, there are many important procedures that need to happen in order for your technical environment to move without a glitch and your business not to be impacted.

At GoLogica Technologies, our Senior Technical staff possess a high level of technical training, skills and experience. This helps to guide companies in planning and implementing the right technology for the current environment, designed in a way that will grow with your company.Our consulting services are available for flexible short and long term scenarios depending on company requirements. It is our mandate to ask the right questions and hold vendors accountable to ensure your technical infrastructure are not only designed for your environment, but for your long-term business goals.


At GoLogica Technologies, we work hard to help you understand the elements of technology that will best suit your company’s needs and put together a scope of work that will get your company to its maximum efficiency.

We know that technology is expensive, so we develop a roll-out plan that is incremental from the “Have-to-Have’s” to the “Like-to-Have’s.” This way you can be sure that what is crucial to your business will be planned, deployed and configured first, on time and on budget.

We will do everything from planning the scope of work, ordering the hardware and software, contacting any third party vendors involved, reviewing contracts with vendors, and sending a technician to implement.


We understand that it seems like just yesterday you bought a new server, upgraded software and more. We also know how frustrating it can be spend money on hardware and software that doesn’t work.

We can help alleviate these issues and implement the right solution the first time. Our process is simple, and we consider your business requirements and recommend appropriate solutions. We don’t bloat the project team, our senior resources can manage and implement so you only pay for the resource doing the work, not the team behind billing you for just sending emails.

Information Technology

Companies need technology organizations that fuel their strategy, not hobble it. GoLogica Technologies helps you make confident technology decisions and ensure your IT organization is agile, effective and equipped to cut through the buzz of the latest trends to create enduring results.

Technology is an integral and potentially differentiating component of your business that both influences and is guided by corporate strategy. At least, that’s how it should work. At GoLogica Technologies, we take a unique approach to IT, working with business leaders to understand your strategic goals and then determining which technological capabilities, systems and support you need to achieve them. We work closely with you to:

By performance by modernizing your IT capabilities, reaching the new and game-changing levels including your systems architecture, operating model and cost structure, so your company is ready to pursue its future in Technology.

Better the worth that IT bring forward to the business, by distinguishing the resources and capableness needed to generate lasting results. Ensure the right people and processes are in place, focus your investments on what matters most, be confident that your large-scale projects will meet or exceed expectations and reduce complexity.

Make IT a source of M&A success, instead of a liability. Evolve buirdly IT fusion integration capableness that change you to recognize maximal success in any deal, without yield to the organizational, due diligence or platform pitfalls that so often material the awaited worth from an acquiring or divestiture.