Humans, we all know, are restless souls. After living, working and existing for years at one place, people willingly or unwillingly shift to other places. And mind you it is not a simple task to carry years of baggage from one end of the town, city or even country to another. However, the task has been simplified by packers and movers services. With the passage of time, transportation service providers, in the form of packers and movers, have grown to become a major industry with a lot of people migrating because of job changes, marriage relocation and for exploring new career opportunities. In present web dominated world, if you are in the transportation field and doesn’t have a web design for the trucking and packing business to support you, survival could be pretty hard. With major companies evolving websites to simplify packing and moving services, getting one to remain competitive is very crucial.

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If your transportation company is inadequate the presence of internet it deserves, our transportation website design service offered by us can help bring new life to your internet marketing efforts. From branding to website design, social media images, and email templates, so we can help revamp your online reputation.

Our structured web design process delivers a website that is visually pleasing, functionally robust, and backed by our proven SEO methodology and best practices. GoLogica Technologies team specializes in transportation website design and we we’re here to help make sure your organization has modern and SEO friendly website that attracts website visitors and convert that traffic into new customers, new routes, and real revenue.

The Indian transportation industry has been witnessing significant growth in recent years. Of course the biggest contributor is E-Commerce. The customized shipping is also on the rise. As more economic activities shift from traditional transactions to online, the logistical demands of companies across industries will only increase.

The industry called transportation which is all over the world is also undergoing considerable transformation. From self driving trucks to impeccably mapped routes, use of various software enabled systems to online bidding for specific projects, truckers and logistics companies are upping their game to stay competitive and to make the most of the solutions available.

While the developments, the growth story and the prospects are certainly great news for logistics and trucking companies, they also pose a set of challenges that must be met head on. There has never been a greater emphasis on online presence. While most transportation companies will have a website and individual or self employed truckers will also have their online profiles on relevant classifieds, it is now time to have a unique SEO optimized logistics website design that will exploit on digital companionship. Companies must vie for a larger outreach and exposure to have the necessary digital footprint and that cannot happen with a generic un-optimized logistics web design.

Transportation website design needs to be definitely adjust towards the services being offered by GoLogica and the audiences being served.Transportation web design cannot comply with the generic norms of business websites that are used by various small to medium as well as some large enterprises, from manufacturing to services. A logistics website designer would recognize the ultimate need of searching for variety of products that a company can transport, space, the areas covered by the truckers, the possible routes and there should be handy tools presented upfront. From generating estimates or quotes to tracking consignments, information on tonnage and size to legalities governing transportation in every state and across the country, the people required to find out very useful information and basic tools. In that case we provide a personalized logistics website design can offer the required navigation or browsing experience to visiting customers.

A typical transportation website design project includes research and discovery of the following items:
  • Target audience such as new customers, existing clients, or future truck drivers
  • Marketing goals and objectives in relationship to your online presence
  • Key metrics for project success
  • We also provides overall branding direction and goals
  • Available images and videos
  • Existing website
  • Competitor websites
  • Inspiration websites
  • Desired website improvements
  • We provides functional requirements like vaious types of e-commerce features
  • Goals and purpose required for new website
  • The movement after visiting visitors to the website
  • Content flow requirements
  • The potential call to actions after visiting website
  • Outcomes of website traffic

Our Web Design Process Produces Results

Our website design process includes the creation of a unique websites that is designed specifically for you and your business. The theme will adhere to Website development standards such as HTML5, schema, and responsive coding.

The website project will include keyword research and site mapping, content migration, on-page SEO, social media integration, a fully functional blog, and landing pages with enquiry forms. If you need more advanced functionality, we can handle that too!

A transportation website design needs to be optimized, to secure traffic from search engines. Social media integration is imperative so people can connect with the company and the truckers through various social networks with a single click on the website. A transportation web design also needs to be responsive so it can be perfectly accessed, viewed and used on all devices, from the conventional desktop to the contemporary mobile. These are just some of the plethora of reasons why you should hire a logistic website designer and avoid developing a generic website.

Why Website is Required

Nobody has the time to sift through Yellow Pages or business directories to firstly look for a service provider and then getting in touch through phone. Google is the boss now and whosoever will show up on its pages powered by a technically sound trucking website design will surely get the customers. This is only possible if you have a well designed trucking website to represent your transport business. Companies are offering full-fledged platforms through which user can give inputs on pickup address, time and date of pickup, contents, descriptions and delivery time. Without a website, competing with such players in the market could turn out to be herculean task.